Free pizza, haircut, outfit
for a check–in, picture, tweet
on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Available in selected areas.
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Influencer Business

Norapay connects local businesses with social influencers.


Pick a Store. Café. Restaurant. Barber Shop. Choose any local business through the Norapay app. There you will be able to pay with your popularity.


See free products. You might get a book or an entire outfit. Nora instantly figures out how big of an impact you can have.

Process of norapay, step 1
Process of norapay, step 2

Pay with your influence on social networks.


Talk about it. A food-pic on Instagram. A tweet. Or a check-in on Facebook. It’s your choice.


Enjoy free product. Supporting a local store has never been easier. Good feeling, right?

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Norapay for businesses.

Grow your business.

Reach new customers with authentic word of mouth advertising. Who do consumers trust most nowadays? It’s their friends, whose opinion is most important to them. Benefit from this to expand your customer base.

Reach your target group.

Our machine learning algorithm analyzes all the data your business provides us with and connects the influencers who fit your values perfectly.

Effective advertising.

Avoid high cost influencer agencies by using the bundled impact of smaller influencers. Save money while driving the right people to your store.

Become a partner and grow your business.

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Norapay for influencers.

Get free stuff.

You can get a pizza or an entire outfit for free. The idea is simple. You post about a local business online and get stuff for free. Norapay works with anything — food, clothing, tech, art.

How it works.

There is a local restaurant around the corner. Go there, open the Norapay app and post whatever you want about it on Facebook or Instagram. The restaurant gets authentic exposure and you enjoy an amazing bowl of spaghetti for free.

Your voice matters.

For us, everyone is a social influencer. Your voice has value. Nora calculates how well you fit the businesses needs — you might get a smoothie, or a juicy burger.

Join now and get stuff for free.

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